Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hi everyone.

I'm starting this blog aged 17, about a month before I start university. I will be studying Fashion Management so this blog will be mainly fashion based with a few touches of beauty and lifestyle. I'm from Scotland and am most DEFINITELY a Scottish gal through and through but I do love to travel so expect some of that on this blog too!

At this moment I'm not too sure what else to say except from I'm excited to start this new journey and hope that you will all enjoy reading what I have to say!
 PS. If you want to you can follow my instagram at - https://www.instagram.com/catbellx/?hl=en

Much love,
Cat x

Any business enquiries: thiscatspyjamas@gmail.com


  1. Hi! How often do you post? I'll follow your blogs x

    1. Hi! That would be amazing thank you! I'm aiming for one a week (2 if I'm doing well 😂)! I've been in Portugal for the past week which is why there hasn't been one yet but I'm getting back to it now! x

    2. I've just seen you've started a blog too! I'll look forward to reading 😊