Tuesday, 16 August 2016

London Lovin'

Hi everyone,

Recently I went to London with my friend Hollie for Summer in the City. For anyone who doesn't know, SITC is the UK's biggest Youtube event, running every year in the London Excel. It's a really great event and I would recommend  it to anyone interested in Youtube, either as a fan or a creator. There are meet and greet opportunities, youtuber run panels, as well as rides, merch stands and live music.

Hollie and I were lucky enough to meet 6 youtubers through meet and greets - LucyandLydia, Katie Snooks, Victoria from In the Frow, Roxy from Roxxsauras, Luke Korns and Mikey Murphy. All of them were really lovely but a particular favourite was definitely Luke - even though he thought we were Irish!! While there we also bumped into Susie from Hello October, Alex from I Covet Thee and FabulousHannah. This is one of the things I really enjoyed about the event. The line between 'creator' and 'fan' became blurred and we were all just people who shared a common interest.

I didn't add photos from the other meet and greets as I wasn't coping well with the London heat and looked extreeeemely sweaty haha!

I really loved being at Summer in the City. Everyone seemed so relaxed and happy to be there. There was no competition or judgement, everyone just mingled happily. While we were there we met two lovely youtubers named Matthew - https://www.youtube.com/user/matthewgilpincom - and Juliette - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCevJraPlJLlOflQ2X090utw - please take the time to check out their channels as they were both so lovely!

Before this weekend, I had only been to London once before with my school when I was in 3rd year and I hadn't really enjoyed it. As we were with our school, I didn't get to see much of actual London City Life so this time I was determined to get to know the British Capital - and I loved it. It probably helped that we had such lovely weather but it was a beautiful place with an excellent atmosphere. Being who we are, Hollie and I HAD to see the Benefit boat so that was the first thing we did when we got there and it definitely lived up to expectations! It was on the Embankment so we had a beautiful view of the London Eye while we had our drinks.

We also hit up Oxford Street and loved the shops! As Hollie is a youtuber and I am a (hopeful) blogger, we spent much of our free time looking for the perfect instagram pictures and luckily for us, London is full of these spots! Whitehall Gardens, across from the Embankment was a particular favourite of ours.

Hyde Park was also beautiful but I got a few strange looks while I posed for pictures and Hollie took about 100 photos of me...

And to end this rather lengthy blog post, I'll include a few more (as if there isn't enough already) of my favourite photos from the trip.  For anyone who hasn't been, if you ever get the opportunity to go to London take it!! It's such a beautiful and vibrant city and I can't wait until I can go back! If you want to see in detail what we got up to each day check out Hollie's vlog channel as she daily vlogged the entire weekend - 

and then check out her main channel cause she's a star - 

My outfit details:- Floral Dress - boohoo.com
                        Floral Shorts - Matalan
                                    Black Bardot Top - New Look
                              Black Tshirt Dress - H&M
              Bag- New Look
                             Shoes - Adidas Superstars

I hope you enjoy my first post and I'll try to post one at least once a week.

Much love, 
Cat x

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