Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mini Post

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is happy and well! Just now, there is only 2 weeks until Easter break and then 3 weeks after that until the end of first year which is so scary! I still feel like I have just started! Anyway,  we're at that point in the semester where everyone's a bit down and bored of uni. I've been feeling it too so today I met up with my friend Hollie- who I haven't seen for 2 weeks which is really weird- for lunch and we ended up exploring Aberdeen a little bit and found some cute places to take some pictures. As I haven't posted in a while I thought I'd share them! Sorry this is a bit of a rubbish post but Aberdeen is too cute not to post pictures of!

Outfit details:

Shoes - adidas superstars
Trousers - Topshop
Belt - New Look
Top - Tkmaxx
Jacket - Misguided

Much love,
Cat x

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Summer Is Coming

Hi everyone,

If you also live in the UK, I'm sure you will be feeling the exact same as me: bored of winter. All we have had lately is rain and wind and rain and wind and more rain and wind. It's a bit demotivating especially as it is cold too! But yesterday we actually had a sunny day in Aberdeen! It was very exciting, they are definitely not a common occurrence! My friend Hollie and I had some things to do in the morning but when we were done it was still early and such a nice day we decided to go to Aberdeen beach.
 Since I moved to Aberdeen in September I had only actually been to the beach twice before and both times it was horrible weather. It was so nice to go when it was bright and sunny and to be reminded of why I love Aberdeen.

Just LOOK at these photos! It doesn't even look like Scotland! Hollie and I were both walking around thinking we were in Majorca or something. The beach is honestly one of my favourite parts of Aberdeen. I find it so relaxing and nice that a 5 minute walk out of the city in one direction there is the countryside, and in the other direction there is the beach.

Any beach is a good beach in the summer. I always find that I end up really stressed out before summer and comparing myself to friends that are maybe going on holiday to America and trying to plan loads of holidays that I forget how nice Scotland actually is and how much there is to do.

Scotland has beaches, countryside and amazing cities and they are all easy to access by public transport or car.

I do have some plans for summer this year that I am excited for and a big part of my summer will be working so I can save money (student life) but I'm going to try and explore some of my home country as it is such a beautiful place.

While we were at the beach, we decided to get lunch at a cafe called 'The Pavillion' that was on the boulevard. It was such a nice wee place and very well priced - if you are in Aberdeen I highly recommend that you go!

I had a bacon and mozzarella panini with crisps and a tango apple all for under a tenner and it was amazing! It was such a nice day that we actually sat outside and somehow we managed to avoid the seagulls!

Aberdeen beach is actually really cool and has a lot of funky graffiti on walls and benches. Yesterday really made me very excited for summer and I can't wait to get through my coursework and get to the nice weather! Naturally, we had to take advantage of the sun and get ice cream! Best. Decision. Ever.

I hope you are all as excited for summer as I am and hopefully this post will give you a little motivation to make it through the last of the rain and cold!

Much love,
Cat x