Saturday, 22 April 2017

My Sunny Day Places

Hi everyone,

How are we all? I'm currently in the process of purchasing my own domain name so be excited for a new blog site!! It's also that time of year again when there's only a week left of uni and I'm drowning in coursework and not leaving my room for days on end...not a fun time. That's why, when there's even little bit of sun and a little bit of spare time, it's important to take advantage of it purely for your own sanity. Having moved to Aberdeen, I have discovered two places that are perfect for a sunny day. To be fair, I'm pretty sure these places are every Aberdeen student's favourite sunny day places but who needs to be original anyway. If you live in Aberdeen or are visiting there anytime soon and haven't been to Cup or Revolution, I highly recommend you do.

Cup is a little cafe on Little Belmont Street and it's honestly the cutest place ever. It has an Alice in Wonderland theme and it is just such a nice, relaxing place and the food is absolutely ace!


As the sign says, Cup is exquisite! The hot chocolate I had was absolutely incredible - the maltesers really make all the difference! The cafe is also so well priced it makes it a perfect spot for the skint student. I love going for lunch or brunch here with some friends after uni or with my mum when she comes to visit. Cup is definitely a great place to be on a sunny day.

My other favourite sunny day place is Revolution. Rev is such a cool bar on Belmont Street. It has a really cool, vintage feel to it and the cocktails are amazing. If you go on  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, all cocktails are £4 making it an even better place for students to spend their time.  Rev is definitely the place for students to go on a sunny day. It has a little outdoor section which feels so nice and chilled when the suns out and you have a cocktail in hand. My favourite cocktails are a Bubblegum Daiquiri and a Pornstar Martini, so if you're stuck you can't go wrong with one of those!


I hope this post has given you guys some inspiration for a study break or a summer day. If you are also studying for exams or drowning in coursework, I wish you the best of luck and please remember to take a few breaks!! 

Much love,
Cat x


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! These past few days I've been studying non- stop and totally forgot to look around me and to embrace what I have. You surely have given me some inspiration to me and it makes me want to do something active in order to keep me going. I hope you get your domain name soon cause I'd love to see more of your posts and experiences in the future. <3
    Much love,

    1. Hi! Thanks so much lovely! Yeah it's so hard sometimes to remember you need to take a break and there is easy and cheap places to go for a nice break! I'm hoping it will be sorted by the start of June :) xxx

  2. That blue daiquiri looks amazing :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  3. Looks like you had fun. That food looks amazing